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Homely, comfortable and clean rooms available at our hostel for boys. Do come and check it out.

Lucknow Hostel,Lucknow, is established with the extreme efforts of Mr. Sunil Sharma And Mr. Nitin Mohan Lucknow Hostel includes Hostel for Boys with modern facilities. Mr. Sunil Sharma is also running business of realstate and Developers at Lucknow.


The main objective of this hostel is to provide a comfort residence base for study seeking students at lucknow, who come from different areas & cities of the Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand & many states of India. Hostel accommodation at reasonable tariff providing congenial, disciplined and homely atmosphere enabling students to pursue their studies tensionless uninterruptedly and ultimately towards achieving their goals .

Hostel services

Services AC Rooms Available
Services Air Cooler Rooms Available
Services 24 Hours Power Supply with Generator Facility
Services 2 beds Rooms, 1 Beds Rooms Available
Services Attach modern & clean bathrooms & washrooms
Services Hot & Cold Water Facility
Services Television with cable connectivity,
Services Mess for healthy Foods Available
Services Clean Water Available
Services Refrigerators also Available
Services Daily News papers
Services Dinning Hall
Services Cupboards & Study Table available
Services Safe Parking Facilities
Services Security Guards
Services Separate Hostel for Boys
Services Attendance Register at Reception

We offer you beautiful, spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchen, two big bathrooms, cosy common area, nice terrace… . And the staff that will make you feel like you are at your friends place – staff that is in love with their city and will share its magic with you.

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Lucknow Hostel
Plot No 34,Step Building,oop. Intigral University,Dasauli,Kursi Road, Lucknow,Pin Code : 226026, Uttar Pradesh

+91 522 327 7732 Telephone:
+91 930 531 8631 Mobile: E-mail:

Rules Of Lucknow Hostel

  • Lucknow Hostel is meant for boys students only, hence no visitor except parents / close relatives with permission of Hostel Caretaker, are allowed to visit the hostel rooms/ premises. Students are not allowed to enter or leave hostel after 9.30 pm except with prior permission of caretaker for valid reason, if any.
  • Consumption or retention of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicants in any form as described in Law of Land, are strictly prohibited. Hostel premises is “NO SMOKING ZONE” hence any body found smoking will be fined Rs 100/-.
  • Hostel needs to be kept spick and span for healthy environment. No poster or picture- pasting/ hand drawing or writing on the wall is allowed. A fine of Rs 500/- will be imposed for any type of such activity committed by any resident.
  • Residents will not hinder the Security Guard/ Hostel Staff for security reason or to check possession of alcohol etc at any point of time to verify the personal belongings of residents.
  • No resident will indulge himself in ragging or intruding into the privacy of any other co-resident forcefully within hostel premises. It is desirable and becoming of a student to help maintain a peaceful, respectful, cordial, friendly and congenial and above all a high sense of fellow feeling atmosphere in and outside the hostel premises.
  • Mess Facility: Students will be served breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner in cafeteria only. Residents are requested to enable mess staff to maintain timing of catering as displayed in the Cafeteria and wind up the mess well on time every day. Use of Mess and normally TV viewing in cafeteria will be allowed maximum upto 10 pm.
  • Hostel will be providing WIFI facility with secured access. User Id and PW will be provided to residents only, which are to be kept strictly private for security reason and also for maintaining internet speed.
  • Residents will please put off lights/fans ,geyser in Wash Room etc before leaving hostel to save electricity. Students are not allowed to use any type of heater, electric oven etc.
  • Hostel will be providing complimentary laundry facility of six pieces of clothes (Shirts/ Trousers etc) per week. A coupon book will be provided for hostellers. Laundry facility availed if any, beyond six coupons in a week, will be chargeable by the laundry man at coupon rate.
  • Power Back-Up of inverter on power failure, if any, will be provided to each room for one light (tube or CFL) and one fan in each room round the clock. However, in emergent cases it may be given for night time only from 7 pm onwards.
  • Residents will keep their valuables, cash etc securely locked before leaving their rooms , as all rooms are to be opened every day forenoon, except on Sundays by the cleaning staff or for carrying out any maintenance work, during residents are away.
  • Students will not be allowed to celebrate any party (birthday etc) in hostel premises during night hours .
  • Residents are not allowed to keep or park two wheelers of non-residents within the hostel premises. However, if any resident desires to keep two wheeler may be allowed subject to parking charges of Rs 100/- per month towards security and parking expenses. Such students will have to provide hostel management , duly attested Xerox copies of ownership of the vehicle concerned along with the “No objection letter from parents ”. However, vehicle will not be allowed to be washed inside hostel premises.
  • All types of fines will be credited to Welfare Fund of Residents and will be used within their tenure of stay in hostel.
  • Violation of the hostel rules by any residents will be suffice to ask resident for vacation of hostel after serving one week notice to vacate the hostel by Hostel Management.
  • Hostel rules may be amended by Hostel Management as per need for improvement and welfare of the residents.

UNDERTAKING OF STUDENT:- I accept the above terms and conditions and agree to fully abide by the extant hostel rules in order to maintain a conducive and healthy environment for all residents. In case of breach of any rule, hostel management may take due decision and proceed accordingly.

Lucknow Hostel